About Us

QUA Granite Aydın Söke Fabrika Kuş Bakışı


Started its production activities in July 2016 in Aydın Söke Organized Industrial Zone, QUA Granite currently produces in its facilities built on 265,650.75 m² indoor space and 144,832.28 m² outdoor space. The company continues its activities to produce technical granite and glazed granite (granite tile), the product group with the highest added value in the floor covering sector. QUA Granite has the largest facility in Turkey that produces only technical granite and has already increased its annual capacity to 41 million m² with the newly opened production lines.


With more than a thousand employees, QUA Granite has gained a significant share in the production and export of qualified technical granite. As a result, QUA Granite generates approximately 25% of its sales revenues from exports and sells to over 100 countries, mainly EU countries and the USA. The company realizes 70% of its exports to European countries


QUA Granite sells its products to 86 dealers in Turkey and to major distributors and construction market chains abroad. The users of the products are architects, construction companies, and individual consumers.


Because QUA Granite exports to many countries of the world, its product portfolio is prepared in a very wide range and to appeal to every taste. QUA Granite constantly updates its portfolio by taking into account the needs of the market and customers, conducting research and determinations in line with new trends.


QUA Granite, which went public in 2021 by achieving great success thanks to its production style that makes a difference in the sector, has taken a big step towards institutionalization.


Started production with standard thickness technical granite, QUA Granite diversified its product portfolio in a short time and started glazed granite production. It has become one of the leading brands of the sector known all over the world by producing various surfaces, such as Full lappato, Lappato, Glazed Glossy, Matte, Metallic, Granulated matte.


The current production thicknesses within QUA Granite are as follows:

0,65 cm
0,70 cm
0,88 cm
2,0 cm
3,0 cm


Working continuously in the R&D and design department, QUA Granite makes preparations to increase its product range by 50% with the studies it has realized and develops its products according to market demands.



Certificates of Quality

QUA Granite’s certificates of quality:

Management Systems Certificates of the Company:

  • • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
  • • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System
  • • ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System
  • • ISO 50001:2018 Energy Management System


Environmental Certificates:

  • • ISO 14064-1:2018 Carbon Footprint Certificate
  • • ISO 14046:2014 Water Footprint Certificate
  • • Zero Waste Certificate


Certificates of our products:

  • • TSE Double Star Certificate of Conformity to Turkish Standards
  • • TSE Double Star Certificate of Conformity to Turkish Standards
  • • UPEC.F+ Certificate -CSTB le futur en construction
  • • UPEC Certificate -CSTB le futur en construction
  • • UL Greenguard Gold Certificate
  • • UL Greenguard Certificate
  • • SASO – Quality Mark
  • • Gost-R Certificate
  • • Lembaga Certificate - SNI


Has adopted the principle of using developing technology and know-how in every aspect of the production process, QUA Granite carries out process monitoring and quality conformity checks at every stage of production. Producinng in accordance with the TS EN 14411 standard, which is the national standard and also specifies the quality values used by other producing European countries, QUA Granite has the CE certificate required for its products to be sold in European Union member countries.


QUA Granite is one of the first companies in the Ceramic, Glass, and Soil sector to be granted the "Notified Person Status Certificate", a national status granted to a limited number of companies in Turkey, which provides certain facilities and privileges in foreign trade transactions to reliable companies that fulfill their customs obligations completely and on time, have a regular and traceable registration system, have financial competence, safety, transparency, and security standards, and can perform their own self-control. With this status, QUA Granite gains such advantages as savings in customs transaction costs and procurement costs, increased competitiveness with the shortening of customs procedures, and the ability to benefit from the privileges provided in the countries where the relevant status is recognized.


QUA Granite was awarded the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate in its first years of operation in the sector. The ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate, which ensures that production is carried out by taking into account environmental impacts at every step from the first stage of the product to the consumer, is another certificate that the company has, and all of the water used in production in the plant is not discharged, but treated in the treatment plant located in the plant and recycled back into production.


QUA Granite also has the ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate, as well as the ISO 50001: 2018 Energy Management System certificate, which is an international standard that certifies the most efficient use of energy in today's world where energy is of great importance.


QUA Granite's Reduced Collateral Implementation System ("ITUS") certificate is a system that allows taxpayers who have transactions that give rise to the right to refund VAT and who meet the general and special conditions specified for them, to refund their refund receivables at low financing conditions and within reasonable periods through reduced collateral.


Our Objectives


QUA Granite increased its capacity to 41 million m² by completing the investment of 4 new production lines within the scope of the investment incentive certificate obtained at the end of 2020. Our objective is to reach the highest level of capacity utilization and to generate % of our revenues from exports.


QUA Granite Hedeflerimiz


Employing 1,067 people as of February 2023, our company aims to continue on its way with 1,500 personnel by the end of 2023.


Believing that it is very important to adapt to the rapidly digitalizing world, QUA Granite is also working on e-commerce with this perspective. In the very near future, it plans to deliver its products to its customers through non-dealer channels via the internet.


Our Mission

Why Do We Exist?

• For serving with a sustainable production approach that exceeds international standards in the sector we lead

• For leading the sector with innovative and creative products

• For creating sustainable value for all business partners and employees


Our Vision

Our purposes and the path we follow...

• Increasing our market share day by day in Turkey and abroad with quality products and good service understanding

• Providing effective service with innovative technologies that are environmentally friendly and sensitive to occupational safety

• Being a leader and preferred company in our field

• Investing in the future of our country with an understanding of environmental and social sustainability


Our Core Values

Those who determine our understanding of production and guide our behavior...

• Environmental consciousness

• Ethical values

• Respect for the principle of equality

• Employee satisfaction

• Customer orientation


Our Strategy

Growth and profitability shaped by a sustainable, environmentally friendly production approach...

• Growing organically and inorganically by developing new products in new markets and existing business areas

• Offering innovative and environmentally friendly products by prioritizing creativity in all workflows

• Being the most reliable brand that meets customer needs and expectations

• Increasing the benefits provided to employees in human resources processes and increasing the employment of women in all positions, including production

• Continuously improving total customer satisfaction


Our Policies

Our Quality Policy

Operating with the belief that a sustainable success is possible with the joint efforts of all its employees, QUA Granite adopts the idea of high efficiency and continuous improvement at every level.


Taking into account the needs and expectations of its customers, the company takes care to produce its products with a focus on contemporary and fashion sense of the sector. In this regard, the company keeps customer satisfaction at the highest level.


QUA Granite, which attaches importance to in-house trainings and social events for continuous development, also creates awareness in this sense. By adopting a participatory and plural management approach, it encourages leadership and employee participation in the entire production process. It audits the effectiveness of the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and makes necessary improvements.


Continuing its activities without slowing down to become a reliable brand in the domestic and foreign markets, QUA Granite works on a target basis and makes maximum effort to achieve its goals. On the other hand, it continues to work within the framework of respect with all stakeholders it does business with.


Closely following the technology and taking its steps in this direction, the company prioritizes occupational safety above all else. Utilizing natural resources in the most accurate way and operating without harming the environment are among the working principles of the company. QUA Granite shows great sensitivity in contributing to the national economy with its export volume, which has a voice in its own market.


Our Environmental Policy

QUA Granite continues to work within the framework of an environmentally friendly policy and supports all its employees, subcontractors, and business partners to show sensitivity in this regard. Within this context, it carries out research and development activities for the most accurate operation of the recycling facility. It positions its sustainable environmentally friendly work in all its production activities as the most basic production principle together with quality, efficiency, and work safety.


QUA Granite Çevre Politikası


It utilizes analyses, surveys, procedures, instructions, and business plans created with the participation of its employees. It uses energy and natural resources meticulously and in the most accurate manner. It monitors your natural resource consumption and waste rates in production lines and support processes with numerical data. Thanks to its clean production practices, it operates with the idea of continuous improvement in environmental management by reducing the amount of resource use and waste generation per unit production.


By making continuous improvements in line with the environmentally friendly policy it has adopted, it carries out many studies to make a progress without harming nature and consuming resources.


In this regard, QUA Granite:

• Commissioned a 94,000 cubic meters/day waste water treatment plant to recycle water;

• Uses raw materials and materials recyclable. It contributes to the recycling process by grouping its wastes;

• Makes waste oils usable through recycling;

• Is the only factory in the sector that does not obtain a water discharge permit.


The other policies of our company are given in the below links:




Our Contributions to Employment

At the establishment of the plan, most of the employees, who would start the sector from scratch, were young and open to development and learning. This way, QUA Granite, which has trained its own human resources, has formed the staff of 30 years.


In addition to being young and open to development, a significant portion of this staff consists of female employees. Recognizing the female employment rate as an indicator of development, the company leads the sector in the employment of female employees. Although it operates in a sector that requires high manpower, QUA Granite has always believed in the power that female employment can bring. Thanks to this confidence, QUA Granite has the highest rate of female employees in the sector with 21%, regardless of blue-white collar, in a sector with an average of 12% female employees. QUA Granite has become an important symbol showing that when given equal opportunities, women can do their jobs well despite all the difficulties. It aims to continue to be a pioneer in this regard in the future.



Moreover, during the pandemic process that started in 2020, QUA Granite made more purchases than ever before in history in order to support its suppliers who were in a difficult situation and ensured that the cash flow of the suppliers continued. Increased its employment by 12% in this period, QUA Granite keeps its recruitment preferences regional. This way, local people waiting for work in the region where it operates has been provided with employment, and 80% of the employment is made up of employees from Sökeli.


QUA Granite in Social Responsibility Projects

QUA Granite has also managed to be at the forefront in the field of social responsibility by supporting schools and police forces requested through the District Governorship. Also shows sensitivity in the field of health, the company donates blood every 3 months.


In addition to the newly launched book and stationery campaign, QUA Granite supports equal opportunity in education by building libraries in village schools.



Our Difference from the Sector as QUA Granite

Thanks to its investments in technology, QUA Granite has a position that makes a difference in the sector with the products it produces. Furthermore, it is far above world standards by providing high rates of service in prominent features, such as gloss, durability, and water absorption.

QUA Granite is the only production facility in Turkey that produces 6 different body colors and the thinnest and thickest production, 0.65 cm, 0.70 cm, 0.88 cm, 2 cm and 3 cm pressed.